Rockefeller Center Summer Farmer’s Market

Today is the first day of the Rockefeller Farmer’s Market. I urge you to at least go and walk through the market. It’s not often that this area of town sees so much greenery, and smells so fresh! The market, which will occur Wednesdays through Fridays (8am-5pm) from today until September 2nd, holds host to at least 15 vendors who feature anything from fresh herbs, to organic, local breads, produce and cheese. Most of the vendors come from the Hudson River Valley, but I met some who came as far as Lancaster PA from Amish farms.

I think that anyone who appreciates good, clean food, and supporting our farmers, economy and passionate growers should stop by and spend just a few dollars to keep our community and selves healthy and growing!

I know that I’ll be back at lunch to pick up some fresh lavender and ripe pecorino cheeses! Special shout out to Valley Shepard for reproducing gorgeous artisanal, Italian, Spanish and French inspired local cheese.

Check out the website.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated about special finds there…

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