Weekly Meal Service

After a busy day, everyone deserves a homemade and nutritious meal. Imagine being able to customize your every meal, and have it ready within minutes. Let this service add a healthy routine to your week.

  • Specialized daily meal delivery tailored to restrictive dietary needs
  • Emphasis on organic, sustainable, healthful cooking using seasonal and local ingredients
  • Provides menu planning, original recipes, and personalized dietary goal schedules

How It Works

Every week I will arrive at a designated time with groceries and prepare a customized menu. I will label each dish in provided containers, leaving you with a well stocked fridge for the remainder of the week.

Meal Service Fee Includes

  • Shopping, preparation, cleaning and packaging of meals
  • 8 dishes (4 proteins, 4 sides)
  • A dish consists of a protein, a vegetable, a salad, a soup, a grain, or a baked good.
  • Reheating Instructions
  • Meal proposal delivered 1 week before visit

*Groceries are included at an additional cost

To request a consultation for the weekly service, please fill out the Submission Form


Serves private parties offering 4-7 courses with all homemade ingredients, including butter and bread

Consults closely with clients to develop unique menus, creative wine and beer pairings, and intimate atmospheres

Romantic dinners, private parties, family meals, birthday parties, etc.

Waitstaff available on request

Cooking Instruction

Offers basic cooking skills and healthful menu planning lessons on a freelance basis

Menu planning, original recipes, and personalized lesson plans


Interested in getting the whole family involved in the kitchen?

I teach in-home private cooking classes for families, couples and individuals. 

I’m always interested in doing a public demo or class, just ask!

*Wine & beer and cocktail pairings available