Hammond Dairy Farm– Farmer’s Market at Rockefeller Center

First of all, I must admit that I did not attend the Farmer’s Market Thursday or Friday last week, so I didn’t meet any new vendors. But, this morning on my way through the marketplace I did get to stop and sample some delicious yogurt from Hammond Dairy Farm. The farm located not so far away in Duchess County, definitely has my approval and utmost support!

The owner of the farm is a veterinarian– not only does this give him a much better understanding of his cattle, but it also means that he has love and respect towards his livestock. Just that little fact alone made me trust the farm more than other organic companies!

Also, the philosophy behind Dr. David Hammond’s farm is truly inspiring. This farm is exactly what our country is lacking right now, and proves how much hard work, determination, and a solid ethical and humane outlook on food and animal protection can make anything possible (no matter the size of the budget). In fact, here is a little quote from the site describing the treatment of their beloved livestock

              “We have a herd of 200 Holstein cows (those beautiful black and white cows), and treat them like family. Each cow has her own name, her own place on the farm, and is treated in the best of conditions. Our cows are fed all natural grass, and range contentedly on our beautiful green pastures. As Dr. Hammond is also a practicing veterinarian, we guarantee the excellent care of our animals.”

Dr. David is the exact sort of man who I want to multiply and set up all around the country. With clean, honest food, not only do we protect ourselves, but we also protect our livestock and our land and Earth– what I call farming with integrity. Although this sort of farming still exists in parts of the country, and usually on a very small-scale, it is also dying (right along with our own countries economy). Farmers need to stand together, and more importantly, consumers need to stand by their farmers and support them!

This brings me to my next point. Hammond Farm’s dairy products are affordable… and damn good. Just this morning, I was given two generous servings of yogurt to taste before purchasing a regular 6 oz cup for $2. That is less than I pay for Brown Cow and Fage yogurt– and they are not authentic farm raised organic brands! Not to mention, they had a deal today -buy 2 f0r $3– how awesome!

More importantly though I would like to point out that I usually find that at Farmer’s Markets, especially in the city, sellers try to raise their prices. This happens  for a variety of reasons: it is a long commute for the farmer so the produce price is raised to meet the needs of the owner; sellers try to raise the prices to match the target allowance of their consumers; or sometimes they are just big old jerks who like to rip off innocent people whose eyes are glazed over gazing upon the bounty before them. Either way, Hammond Dairy Farm does anything but rip you off. Dr. David’s yogurt was some of the best I have ever had in my life. I would have gladly shelled out a few more dollars just for the taste! Never mind that it is much fresher and purer than most of the things that I eat!

Moreover, how about we all decide to start supporting our wonderful, honest, hardworking farmers and shell out a few dollars a week extra to keep their farms safe, sound, and healthy.

Please stop by and support these wonderful people who help to keep our land, our bodies and minds, and our economy strong.

One thought on “Hammond Dairy Farm– Farmer’s Market at Rockefeller Center

  1. Hillary says:

    Great article! I agree that there should be more people like David Hammond and that it is important to support local farms and businesses. I am going to have to go to the market so that I can try this yogurt, sounds divine!


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