PizzArte, Only 10 days after opening night






69 W. 55th St.New York,New York10019



Tuesday, July 19th 2011





Price Range:

$15-21 for pizza; varied but expensive wines



Limited for now since they just opened. The pizzas are wonderful; they have classic style Margherita (only $16) and even some more expensive specialty pies such as the Pulcinella—featuring fresh prosciutto cherry tomatoes– and the Pizzarte—with speck and zucchini flowers.



Funky, clean and simple. I love how understated and modern it is. Also, having the upstairs is perfect for bigger parties.
Wait Staff:

The wait staff here is bubbly, enthusiastic, and helpful. Most of the wait staff at PizzArte are Native Italians, some are actually fromNapoli, and most chatter with each other in-between serving tables. The ambience of this restaurant is wonderful, cozy and familiar. Waiting for your pizza you feel transported; customers sip delicious imports, admire the funky artwork, share stories fromItalywith the wait staff and bask in the smells emitting from the authentic wood fired oven.



The food is remarkably fresh, tasty, and has a distinctly smoky and tangy aroma to it. I loved how easily one could share the food, and still feel so satisfied at the end of the meal. My favorite dish was easily the Diavola pizza, and paired with a dry red wine such as the Debbiolo, I was in heaven.



The wine list is wonderful, varied and relatively cheap for what you will be getting. I must say, I was immediately impressed to find that there was only one Chianti on the wine list, and not a single Barolo to be found. One of their best sellers was a Banfi, not surprising, but still a little different. Overall,  I found the list to be fairly simple and very fitting for traditional, light, crispy southern-style pizzas.


This is my new favorite spot, and I will be back often!

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