“Good Stuff Eatery” Has Some Great Stuff

Over the weekend I ventured over to DC to check on the famous Cherry Blossom Festival. In between all the festivities I decided to try out “Good Stuff Eatery” a burger and shake joint that was featured on the Food Network which piqued my interest.

The owner of “Good Stuff Eatery,” Chef Spike, has been on Top Chef and has recently been on “Top Chef Tour Bus.”  Chef Spike is a recognized up and coming Chef both in DC with his successful restaurant and on an international scale thanks to his formal training from The Culinary Institute of America.

“Good Stuff Eatery,” located two blocks from the Library of Congress, is an old-fashioned style hamburger and shake joint that features all hand-made, hand-cut, and hand-spun products of the best quality. I’ll admit, the “stuff” is delicious. When I went for lunch I had the COLLETTI’S SMOKEHOUSE, with Sunny’s Handcut Fries and a chocolate hand-spun milkshake with house made ice-cream.  The smokehouse burger was made with Applewood smoked bacon, chipolte bbq sauce, Vermont cheddar, and fried Vidalia onion rings; the ice cream was home-made ice-cream and straight from the machine. Everything was remarkably delicious and succulent, not to mention filling and dense.

My favorite part though was the “Sauce Station,” where a customer could fill plastic cups to their heart’s content. Chef Spike’s homemade sauces featured chipotle  mayo, mango mayo, Old Bay mayo, and sriracha mayo. I was in heaven.

The only catch to going to this little shop is that it is very busy. At 3:30 pm on a Saturday afternoon, I waited for an hour for my hamburger. This wait will certainly deter me from going again anytime soon, but it was a great experience especially for those sauces. So, if you have some extra time to kill on a beautiful day in DC, I highly recommend trying it once.

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