Simple, Crisp, Spring Arugula Salad

With spring creeping up around us (very slowly I might add) and Easter just around the corner, I begin to think of lighter foods again in hopes of fitting into last year’s bikini. However, with Easter coming up this weekend, my hopes wait in fear of overdosing on Chocolate Bunnies or Peeps. Knowing full well that I will indeed be giving in to my cravings on Sunday morning… afternoon… and evening, I have created a delicious, simple and cheap recipe to help prepare my body for the impending sugar shock.

Try making this recipe for a group of people; it’s a fun dish to share as an appetizer or light meal. One bag of arugula could feed two big eaters or provide four smaller portions.

This recipe uses the full bag.


1 bag, arugula

1/4 lemon, juiced

3 tbsp. shaved parmiggian-reggiano cheese

1 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste


Rinse and dry the arugula, and place in a flat dish or shallow bowl. Squeeze the lemon juice over the arugula, and follow with a light drizzle of the oil. Then, add the salt and pepper and toss lightly. Finally, add the shaved cheese as a garnish.

This dish is supposed to be very light, so do not overwork the arugula or overdress with oil or lemon.

It also goes very well with crisp white wine or prosecco, especially ones with citrus notes.

Finally, as I said earlier this is a very light salad and to be honest I usually eat it as a snack or with a meal. I often eat it with cheese and meat, such as prosciutto and mozzarella, or with grilled shrimp.

Look out for my grilled shrimp over arugula salad recipe on Thursday!

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