The Cookies Are Just the Tip of the Ice”burg”

Servo has incredible baked goods.

I’m not just talking about the cookies guys; I also mean the home-baked breads, cakes, pastries and muffins.

For those of you who do not attend Gettysburg College, Servo is the short name for the main dining hall on campus.  Baking is not easy; I know this from a personal love of baking. Not only do you need an excellent recipe, but it also difficult to get the right balance in ingredients. Furthermore, fresh ingredients can have different tastes and textures every time you use them, so a good baker always needs to be altering recipes. Also, baking in large quantities is tricky because you need the batches to be consistent. Lastly, humidity and temperature have a lot to do with baking, so keeping the goods the same everyday takes a lot of careful work.


Overall Opinion:

I commend the chefs and workers at Servo for working so diligently to bring fresh-made pastries to this campus, and making them utterly delicious.

From someone who has spent time in Europe being spoiled by pastry chefs who have come from a long of bakers all the way back to Jesus, finding yummy carb treats is a huge success. Thank you Servo.


Some of my personal favorites include:

cranberry-orange muffin, corn bread, mini baguettes, and blueberry scones

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