Simple Sun Tea

Everyone loves sun tea. And in the summer we crave those thirst-quenching, sweet, tangy drinks that don’t add to our waistline or take from our wallets. Try this recipe if you are a tea lover in any way- it takes minutes!

I usually prepare my iced-tea with black teas or fruit teas. The most simple and cheap would be lipton. When preparing the sun tea, immerse concoction into a glass jar or container and place in direct sunlight (outside is best).

Preparation for lipton iced tea:

For every tea-bag, add one cup of water. I usually add just a tad of honey to the mixture, some lemons and, if I have any, peaches to add some sweetness. Let mixture sit in sunlight for at least two hours and no more than 5 or else it will start to go bad in the sun. Refrigerate or serve on ice immediately!

Other tea options:

If using fruit tea, just add the tea-bags and water and possibly some sweetener. Later, you can experiment with other flavors.

Or, try making chai iced-tea, with chai tea-bags, water, and cinnamon sticks.


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