Stress Free Meals That Are Kind to Your Pocket

Tea and Crackers

A really easy way to make an elegant, impressive, and yet cheap meal is to buy one main ingredient that will compliment the leftovers in your fridge. The addition of this new item (try to make it your signature dish) draws attention away from the average food you serve and eat day in and day out. Buying just one ingredient takes the load off your wallet and reduces stress levels when trying to make a notable yet inexpensive occasion.

For example, I had a friend come over for lunch the other day, and we decided we didn’t want to spend a lot of time or money on a filling, unique meal. So, we went to the local market and picked out a main dish that a chef had already prepared. In our case it was a delectable chicken, feta and spinach burger from the Chef’s Market in Nyack. We also made a stop at the local natural market to pick up some cheese (I personally love goat, brie or parmiggiano-reggiano)  and sopressata for an appetizer.

After rushing home our awesome healthy burgers and yummy snacks, we quickly went to work on a simple summer salad (I am never without these ingredients in my fridge). While we were working on our main dish, we munched on the cheese and meat to hold off our ravenous appetites!

Luckily, I had also prepared a sun tea the day before, so we were able to enjoy it along with our meal without any extra hassle.

Tip- Serve honey with cheese, meat and cracker dishes. It makes the set-up look more elegant while also adding a sweet, tangy addition to the savory flavors if your guests choose to be so bold.

After re-heating the chicken burgers on the stove, we set up our little feast outside on the porch- we were also completely stress-free and only $6 poorer.

Try this date idea and let me know what you think!

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