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Dining Room

Living in a town like Nyack, where one is overwhelmed with incredible dining options, I often feel the urge to throw caution to the wind and eat extravagantly. What I have discovered this summer is that eating out with one’s parents, more financially stable people, or simply splitting a meal with some friends helps to make a large dinner bill a little easier to handle.

So, find a place nearby that tickles your food senses and tempts you to wine, dine and spend your daddy’s dime. But, instead of bankrupting your parents and feeling guilty, challenge yourself to tackle the menu with your own wallet. Better yet, decide on a restaurant where you can comfortably choose a meal on a higher-end menu and not order the most expensive dish (CAUTION- DO NOT choose any of the specials unless you are sharing them, because most of the time specials cost extra).

Tip- more financially level people will most likely order less cautiously, leaving room for you to order with a little more thought. After the meal, simply split the bill depending on what you personally ordered. Remember to save this sort of meal for a special occasion seeing as no matter what the price, it will most likely still remain over your usual threshold.

Likewise, one might decide to spend this indulgent night by splitting a few dishes or small dishes with friends, thus lightening the financial load at the end of the meal. When using this method, try to choose as many dishes from each course as there are people eating. For example, one might consider ordering one special, one appetizer, one main course and one dessert for three friends.

This little idea came to me when I went to dinner with my parents and boyfriend at a famous little restaurant in my home town of Nyack, New York. Hudson House has been a well known, well respected restaurant and bar in Nyack for some time. This converted jail house is home to the many scrumptious creations of wonderful pastry chef and co-owner, Matt Hudson. When enjoying a meal at this unique american restaurant, one should be sure to save room for dessert- I highly recommend trying Mr. Hudson’s signature dish; the black bottom banana cream pie (unbelievable!!!!!). The staff at Hudson House is attentive, well-trained and never fails to deliver. One of the best touches in the restaurant, in my opinion, happens to be the unique artwork. The owners of the restaurant decided to maintain the old look of the jailhouse, keeping the original pressed tin ceiling and adding personal artwork for a finishing touch. This homey, welcoming atmosphere creates a luxurious and relaxing dining experience for locals and visitors alike.

Be sure to check it out while the weather lasts!

**Photo and info compliments of the Hudson House website.

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