Avocados- A Food Lover’s Dream Fruit

As I earlier divulged to my readers, avocados have many wonderful delicious uses in food and in our daily diets. These versatile fruits can add a creamy, buttery texture and flavor to most summer dishes. They are also great for the winter, as they provide the nutrients we need during those cold months while still feeling and tasting like a comfort food.

Some fun facts:

*They are filled with “good” fats and oils that keep our bodies strong without having too many calories or sticking to our systems.

*One thing to know about avocados is that one should be careful about eating them when they are ripe- not ripe enough and they are too hard to cut and have no flavor, and too ripe and they fall apart and go brown fast.

*They go brown when they are hit with oxygen, like apples. Don’t be alarmed if you have cut it open recently and see this; just shave away the brown part and enjoy the rest. Or, give it a stir if it’s a dip.

How to tell if an avocado is ripe:

Gently apply pressure to the sides of the avocado by lightly squeezing it. If there is a slight give, then it is ripe and ready to eat!

How to cut an avocado:

Hold the avocado in your hand so the stem faces upward and points away from your body. Take a small knife and cut down the center of the fruit lengthwise, starting at the stem, continuing until you have completed the circle and it is sliced in half. Now, hold both halves and twist them in opposite directions (clockwise and counter-clockwise). The halves should peel apart very easily. One side will have the seed left in it. I usually take a knife and chop down firmly, wedging the knife in the seed. I wiggle the knife until the whole seed comes loose, then shake off the seed into a compost or garbage unit. You can also try to squeeze out the seed if you want (I just think the other option is much more fun!).

Depending on whether you are using the avocado as a garnish or in a dip, choose your next step:

1) Dip- Scoop out the avocado from the skin using a spoon. Scrape out as much as you can, and don’t be too gentle because the skin is pretty tough.

2) Slice the avocado halves into slivers by running the knife long ways down the fruit in parallel lines. Then peel away skin, pull out the pieces and serve.

*** When I eat them alone I usually cut the avocado into slivers and serve with salt, pepper and either olive oil or lime juice on top. Enjoy it with crackers or toast.

Eat well and Enjoy!!!

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