Bethesda, Maryland is widely known as a treasure for restauranteurs. I myself had the great pleasure of enjoying the end of restaurant week in such a place- hence accounting for my absence in cyberspace. Although I try to focus on discussing rarer and more economical accommodations, I discovered a hybrid in tapas. Jaleo, a vibrant spanish tapas bar in the heart of Bethesda, offers both full menu options and small plates known as “tapas”. While the regular menu is a bit too expensive for my budget, I found that splitting between 3 and 6 tapas between myself and a friend was rather cheap (the average was $4 a plate)! On my trip I decided to mix up some Spanish classics with the chef’s creations. We ordered the Gazpacho (traditional chilled Spanish soup), Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes with spicy sauce) , Endivias con queso de cabra y naranjas (endive with clementines, almonds and goat cheese) and Calamares a la Romana (calamari). Of those delicious dishes, my favorites were the endives and the gazpacho. I found the endives to be light, interesting, different and surprisingly well-balanced. And the gazpacho was as satisfying and cool as I remember in Madrid.

I recommend going to checking out this hot spot during Jaleo Hour, and the new Jaleo Hour:

4:30 – 7 PM Sunday – Friday at all Jaleo locations

10 PM – 12 AM Saturday in Bethesda available at the bar only

And don’t forget to check out their Sangria (only $4 a glass)!!!

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