Restaurant Week in Gettysburg

This week, April 4-11th, is the First Annual Restaurant Week in Gettysburg. Restaurants all around town are participating, and offering 2 course lunch and 3 course dinner specials ranging from $5-$30. I find this event particularly exciting because it gives addicted foodies like myself to hit up places like The Dobbin House Tavern J’s at the Village and The Inn at Herr Ridge. All of the restaurants on the list are excellent, and some favorites like The Blue Parrot may need to be revisited just to get the deal, but I urge you readers to splurge this week and experience some of the gems of Gettysburg for a fraction of the price.

Some benefits of attending Restaurant Week are: obviously the deals, better service in order to promote the restaurant, and an opportunity to branch out to different places that you wouldn’t usually try. Also, a lot of restaurants tend to through in more deals for customers, or give you coupons when you attend; this makes it even more enticing, and gives you incentive to go back!

To check out all of the participating restaurants, click here and note that there are some specials for $10 and under so this is completely affordable.

After I attend a few of the events I’ll tell you more!

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