Gettysburg: A Comparison Between Town and College Food

Over the past few months, I have taken some time to speak to individuals on campus and have compiled some requests, opinions, praises and complaints about food on and off campus.

In my last entry, I addressed the food directly on campus and some positives and negatives that come with dining here.  In this entry I will continue that critique and add some alternatives that one can find in town.

  • One thing that I recently heard from a staff, and actually think is a great idea, is that Bullet Hole and the Dive should do deliveries Monday through Friday from 11:00 am till 1:00 pm for staff on campus. They can charge for this service, while also getting more customers from the staff that are tied up at work during the break hour. Not to mention, hiring more students for deliveries will get more jobs on campus… maybe these students can put this job towards work study?
  • More options for pizzas at the Dive
  • Some students would like to have nutritional information regarding the Frozen yogurt at the Dive
  • Bring back EDY’S ICE CREAM
  • Soft serve ice cream  needs to be cleaned out better so that flavors do not mix, please
  • Some students have complained that the food at the Dive, and at Bullet Hole is either extremely hot or cold… maybe find a middle ground?
  • Another idea is to have a late night dining option open on campus. Maybe a mini mart type of store, for coffee and snacks and some sandwhich and hot food options.  Many kids have no cars, and get hungry late at night and it can be very frustrating!

Alright, now onto comparisons between town and campus:

  • Personally, I think if you are going to splurge on a burger, you should not go to the Burger bar on Friday nights but rather spend the $10 you would to swipe your card and buy a fresh grilled burger at either the Pub, or the Plaza (both situated on the circle in town).
  • The Thai restuarant next door to Blue Parrot is apparantely cheap and delicious. Try some take-out and share with your friends!
  • Furthermore, I just found out that O’Rourkes has a Monday night special for steaks for $10! I know I’ll be there next week.

Hope these tips are helpful!

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