Nyack Wine Cellar, a Haven for Cheap & Delicious Wine

It isn’t often that your local wine retailer can tell you about the vineyard and vitners from which your bottle came. It is even less often that they can tell you they visited the winery, and drank the wine from the source. With this sort of wine shopping experience, how is it possible then that this delicious bottle is less than $15 on average!

Before I go further, let me explain to some of you who are less familiar with”wine terms,”  some simple phrases that are easy to remember. First off, the difference between a winery a vineyard and a vitner is that the vineyard is the farm where the grapes are grown and harvested, a winery is the place where the wine is sold, and the vitner is the person who sells the wine.

Pennsylvania has very strict lliquer license rules, and so finding a good selection of wine is difficult at school Furthermore, the places who sell wine are able to price even the worst wines at ridiculously high prices (I’m talking to you Wine and Spirits).  So, when I go home I try to stock up on a few great wines to bring back. The Nyack Wine Cellar, while only one of many wine stores in my area, is by far the best.

The store, located on 43 South Broadway right next to Hickory Dickory Dock is small but does not lack in variety or service. Their prices range from anywhere between $5-$500 and will help to get whatever type of wine you are interested in. Furthermore, they know the wines, having tried them at the source. One customer reviewed them on Yelp!, commenting on the smallness but also asserting the helpfulness, friendliness and sheer quality of the products offered.

Although us Gettysburgians have no wineshops such as this one nearby, let it be noted that at the front of the store there are often bottles on sale. I usually peruse those first, and then I check for the other hidden sales. If you simply put on blinders for your favorites and try to be more experimental, you’d be surprised how many good cheap wines under $10 you can buy at Wine and Spirits.

One thing to remember when shopping for wine, is that you should try to check for reviews and even “points” that are given to the wine by critics. If the rating is over 85 points, and the wine is under $10, then you are getting a pretty good deal.

Good luck!

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