Five Minute Fried Rice

At times it is very diificult to want to come up with an entire elaborate meal, especially on such small food allowance. Fried rice has become a staple in my diet, for a light lunch, snack, or small dinner at times when I don’t have enough time, ingredients or energy to cook. My recipe uses minimal ingredients, and some pre-cooked food to cut down on cooking time. It also uses ingredients that are most likely always in my fridge and cabinet.

Next time you go to the Grocery Store, pick up some pre-cooked rice for about $2-3 a piece (each box is one serving). Buying rice pre-cooked saves a lot of time and energy, and is well worth the investment unless you eat a lot of rice each week and can make enough fresh-cooked at a time.

The ingredients that I use, such as carrot and egg, can be subsituted for other ingredients like peas and tofu if you wish. This recipe feeds one person.


1 package pre-cooked rice (sticky is preferable)

1/2 carrot, finely chopped

1 egg, scrambled

2 tbsp. finely chopped white onion

2 cloves garlic, chopped

2 tbsp. soy sauce

1/2 tbsp. butter

1/2 tbsp. canola oil

1 tsp. pepper

salt and sriracha to taste

*I also use a tsp. of hot sesame oil if you have som


First, put pre-cooked rice in microwave to heat (follow box instructions). Then put oil, butter, onion, carrot and garlic in pan on medium heat to simmer for 3 minutes. Add the egg, salt and pepper and scramble into mixture (takes about 1 minute). After the rice has finished cooking add to the pan with the soy sauce and sriracha. Once the ingredients are combined and cooked to your desired amount(for me it’s about 30 seconds), remove from heat and serve.

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