My Salty Pimp

Photo: Courtesy of Kaylin Berry

Last week my sister and I went an hour out of our way– downtown to Union Square– so that we could try the ever popular Big Gay Ice Cream Truck’s wonderful frozen confections. Needless to say, we were not disappointed. The Big Gay Ice-Cream Man must be some sort of ice-cream genius. He has taken a simple idea– a soft serve ice-cream truck with run of the mill flavors– and simply recreated them. From double-dipped cones, to sundaes and even fig balsamic glaze covered vanilla ice-cream cones, this guy has thought of it all.

Upon entering the long outside the truck, I immediately became  smitten with the Big Gay Salty Pimp. The Salty Pimp– which is vanilla soft-serve, lined with stripes of dulce de leche, covered in freshly cracked sea salt, and then smothered in chocolate shell– is out of this world. If I had to describe this dream-0f-an-ice-cream-cone in one sentence, I would say it is something like consuming a vanilla ice-cream stuffed, chocolate covered pretzel. Does it get any better than that?! Simple, but crazy right?

Coming to the truck is something of an experience in and of itself. While waiting online right before closing (8:15 pm and he closes at 8:30pm) I was able to witness The Big Gay Ice-Cream Man hand out a reflective vest to the last person online, giving them explicit instructions to turn away any new visitors. In return, he would give them a free ice-cream. While this task seemed  simple enough to an onlooker, it was actually quite an affair. I saw everyone from angry couples, to crying small children get shooed away from the truck! Every once in a while our Big Gay Ice Creamer would yell out to the vest wearing scolder– “Keep GOING!”– all the while laughing jovially. In truth, I don’t think anyone could be mad at him because he was such a character, but man was he tough!

So, here’s a warning to everyone out there searching for a yummy frozen treat after dinner– by god get there before 8:15 pm because as the sign states on the truck “There are NO exceptions” to closing at 8:30 pm. Who can really blame him actually, the guy was single-handedly handing out about 5 ice-creams a minute!

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