Fig & Olive– to be continued Saturday

My oh my has it been a while. I apologize to all of my readers whole heartedly for ignoring my responsibilities for so long. I must admit that I got caught up with my life back in NY. Although I haven’t been writing I can promise that I will slowly recount all of my latest Manhattan adventures that have occurred over the last few weeks.

First off, I would like to address the location of my building– the Time & Life Building. Coming to work here every day is both  enticing to my senses as a foodie, and admittedly utterly inconvenient.  While this area of Manhattan is teeming with restaurants, most of them are either chains packed with executives on break, or tourist engorged, over-priced rendezvous spots. I have ventured out on rare occasion to find hidden gems nestled in the Midtown scene, and I know there are many out there, but must admit I have not been the least bit lucky so far… perhaps my usual food-bound compass is turned around after being away at school so long. Either way, I am still on the hunt for a miracle to inspire me.

Until that time I have been lucky enough to be experimenting with my mother’s amazingly capable Kitchen Aid– my latest accomplishment is a lemon zest, vanilla bean-glazed cranberry zucchini bread.  This basic recipe is incredible, and I have already begun altering it to my own specifications. In the next week I will be sure to post my recipe for a zucchini walnut bread with a crushed cranberry honey glaze.

Last Thursday I tried Fig & Olive  on Fifth, and was sourly disappointed. Having tried a series of crostini, a tartlet, a carpaccio dish, and two glasses of wine, I was unsatisfied and nauseous. It takes a lot to make me feel this way. If you are at all interested in hearing the sad details of this experience please check in again over the weekend.

Good to be back!


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