The Appalachian Brewing Co., Gettysburg PA

Last Sunday was my second chance to try the Appalachian Brewing Co. in Gettysburg. On my first trip, I was really impressed by the originality of dishes and the great selection of home-brewed beers. While the second trip was indeed a success, I was less impressed by the restaurant since they had run out of tuna and burger meat completely. I should mention that there is almost an entire page dedicated to burgers, and two dishes for tuna… so this was disappointing.

The Appalachian Brewing Co. has three locations in Pennsylvania: Harrisburg, Gettysburg, and Camp Hill. With new twists on classic dishes like their Mile High Meatloaf, and mustard encrusted Stromboli, this restaurant offers some potential. On my first trip, I tried the Mixed Grilled Skewers from the appetizer menu. This dish was a meat lover’s heaven, featuring shrimp, chicken and Italian sausage, all covered in a chimichurri sauce. I loved it, and it was plenty for a meal.

The second time I went to the Brew Pub, I tried the Grilled Caesar Salad, which is made with ” half of a romaine head, tossed quickly on the grill for flavor, and served it intact with croutons, parmesan cheese, and signature Caesar dressing.” This salad was incredible! It was filling, it was fun, and it had incredible flavor. Between the charred texture of the lettuce, the garlicky, cheesy, dressing and the crunch of the crouton, I was in heaven.

Also, their appetizers like Artie’s Spin Dip, “Craisy” Baked Brie, and the PA Pretzel Logs, are served in small portions but are great for sharing and combining. This place is a lot of fun with a crowd who you can share a bunch of dishes with.

Although I myself have not tried the beers, I have heard great things about the originality, complexity and variety that the brewery offers. At the Brewery it is possible to go for a tour, go to an event, try their Specialty or Flagship beers, and even get Beer to go in Kegs, bottles, or Growlers.

Overall, I think ABC is a great place to go for a causal meal or a few beers and appetizers. However, I do think it is important to note that when I went on Sunday night they were out of some of their dishes. Therefore, one might want to go before the weekend rush, or maybe call ahead of time to ensure that they will be offering the full menu.

If you’re interested in reading more about the company check out:

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Appalachian Brewing Co.

Now Open 7 Days a Week!
Sunday through Monday
Friday and Saturday 11:30-11:00




401 Buford Avenue, Gettysburg, PA

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