Catoctin Mountain Orchard

Just fifteen miles south of Gettysburg College on Route 15, there is a small gem; the Catoctin Mountain Orchard.  At this orchard one can find anything from a selection of gourds and pumpkins, to apples and preserves, to fresh-baked pies. I love to go to this market for  specialty items like honey, cheese and seasonal produce. Not to mention, walking the orchards in the fall air is a wonderful bonus, and incentive to my friends, for a weekend trip down.

At this wonderful market one will be astounded by both the variety, and small-town freshness, while not spending an exorbitant amount of money. Just last weekend, after a great baby-back rib-filled lunch at Chubby’s Barbecue, my friends and I ventured over to the market for some fall fun. There, we picked out gourds and mini pumpkins (3 for $2), apples, cider, and what turned out to be much more.

Hint- come here for your Christmas shopping. Not only are all of the products fresh and beautiful, but they are home and hand-made! Some of the items are a little expensive, but other’s are a great deal. Ok, here’s the official run-down of what I saw…

Foods like:

Apples, plums, cheese (yes, home-made cheese!) and cider. Not to mention fresh-baked goods and jams, honey, honey butters and their own array of hot sauces!


Photos taken by locals, home-made wicker baskets,  home-made candles, pumpkins and other seasonal decorations.

While there I had a $30 budget to buy my sister’s birthday gift, some fall decorations, and a treat for myself and my friends. This might seem a hard task on so little money, but all of the options the market offered made it fun to choose! Between 3 gourds, two full-sized pumpkins, honey, hot sauce, a candle, a photograph, jam, apples, cider and a jar of nuts I just made my budget. What I’ve eaten so far has been delicious, and I can’t wait to brag about where I got my home-made candle!

During allergy season one should pay attention to some holistic options. Eating local honey is both soothing and delicious, and also has powers against allergies. When you eat local honey, you ingest the pollen that bees cultivate which helps your body to build-up an immunity, making allergies a lot less serious. Therefore, go to this great market and get some delicious honey! What a yummy way to take medicine… take that Mary Poppins!

Go soon before all the good pumpkins are gone!


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