Eat to Live, and Live to Eat!

Using pilates, yoga, or just general health can help guide your eating habits and create a way of life that is much more prosperous. For example, today my mother and I were invited to an early morning private pilates session with our long-time friend and neighbor. We spent the morning getting private attention from our engaging and knowledgeable trainer, learning new ways to stretch our bodies and strengthen our “centers.” Pilates is a wonderful workout and practice for anyone- be it man or woman, young or old. I myself am not a big fan of tramping to the gym and doing one monotonous, strenuous workout after another. I hate running and can’t stand lifting. But using dance, yoga and pilates has taught me to focus and strengthen my body; I have gained more than just physical strength, I have been granted a newer and more focused sense of self and my body… not to mention found some long lost confidence!

Needless to say, after a two-hour session on the mat we were all ravenous. After working out, your body will crave carbs, proteins and fiber. So, I thought it was a good idea to scour the fridge for some left-behind meats and veggies. Sure enough, I found some chicken cutlets and one lone steak, along with a pepper and zucchini left over from the fajitas I made earlier this week. I also had some cheese, crackers and olives that I needed to clean out before the week’s end, and decided they would cover our “carbs” unit for the day. Being that we were in a bit of a rush to eat again after the intensity of the morning, I whipped together some teriyaki sauce to let the meat (chopped up chicken and sirloin steak) marinate in for about 30 minutes. While the meat was marinating, I prepared my Summer Salad, and then enjoyed some cheese and crackers with my guests.

They key to today’s meal was using everything I had in my fridge and combining old recipes with new ingredients to make a unique dish that suited my day’s needs.

Try this recipe for yourself and let me know what you think!

Teriyaki Kebabs


1 red pepper

1 zucchini

1/2 onion

3 chicken cutlets

8-10 oz sirloin steak


Soak about a half a dozen grilling skewers in water for 5-10 minutes to keep them from catching fire on the grill (mind you, this is only if they are wooden like the ones I use). While the skewers are soaking, roughly chop up chicken and steak and place in the above-mentioned marinade for 20-40 minutes. Then, while the meat is marinating, coarsely chop up the onion and red pepper and stick the pieces onto skewers. Now, cut the zucchini in half, lengthwise and then chop into 1 inch chunks. Put the zucchini on their own skewers seeing as they may cook for a longer time than the onion and pepper. After the meat is finished marinating, place the steak and chicken on separate skewers.


Turn the grill on medium high heat. Place the skewers onto grill and then brush more marinade over each. Close grill cover and let cook for about 5 minutes. Then, intermittently check on the skewers and turn, each time adding more marinade. The pepper and onion will most likely cook faster than the meat and zucchini so watch them more carefully. After about 10-15 minutes it should all be finished (just be sure to turn and watch each skewer closely as they may all finish at different times). Remove the veggies and meat from the sticks and serve immediately on a serving tray!


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