Farmers Market

Alright all you foodies out there, here’s one of my favorite ways to shop- farmer’s markets. Two years ago I lived in Italy- Florence more specifically, for 6 months…*sigh*. In reverie, I try to recapture the times I had there (and all the incredible food I ate!). Alas, this is much more difficult to do when you aren’t surrounded by vespas, vineyards and beautiful Italian men. So, back in Nyack, New York, I have had to lower my standards a bit and search for fresh fare closer to home. Little did I know that I had an oasis in my back yard. Every Thursday from 8:30 am- 2:30 pm, the town vacates the Municipal Parking Lot at Main and Cedar Streets for street vendors, rain or shine. The market hosts various vendors to tempt your palate; you can shop for anything from local wines to fresh pickles!

It may not be Italy, but it sure beats going to Stop and Shop! Most of this stuff is also organic– what a great way to support our local farmers and businesses!

Eat well!

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