Yogurt Lovers Too!

As a sufferer of food allergies, my search for cheap, delicious and “diet” friendly desserts is often a hard one. But, last week I discovered Yogurt Lovers Too! with my sister in Northvale New Jersey. I was surprised by their low prices and delicious options, including sugar-free yogurt. On my initial visit, I tried the sugar-free coconut yogurt with yogurt chips and was delighted with the creamy rich flavor (and it was less than 100 calories!!!). So often, I have to choose between my food sensitivities and my cravings for irresistibly scrumptious sweets. But, at this popular yogurt shop I found an easy out. Usually, I prefer ice-cream over yogurt, but this shop is a host for both options creating a stress-free decision-making process. I recommend Yogurt Lovers Too! for all frozen-foods fans, and more yet for those in search of guilt-free pleasures. Lastly, I would like to mention that although my own puppy would not indulge in their sweet-tooth delights, this fine little yogurt shop offers doggie friendly frozen treats for all you pet owners! What a decadent touch.

Yogurt Lovers Too
271 Livingston St
Northvale, NJ 07647
(201) 767-0429


Price Range- $1.40-$7.68 (kids to pint sizes)


—based on a five star rating

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