Weekly Meal Service

Weekly Meal Service

After a busy day, everyone deserves a homemade and nutritious meal. Imagine being able to customize your every meal, and have it ready within minutes. Let this service add a healthy routine to your week.

  • Specialized daily meal delivery tailored to restrictive dietary needs
  • Emphasis on organic, sustainable, healthful cooking using seasonal and local ingredients
  • Provides menu planning, original recipes, and personalized dietary goal schedules

How It Works

Every week I will arrive at a designated time with groceries and prepare a customized menu. I will label each dish in provided containers, leaving you with a well stocked fridge for the remainder of the week.

Meal Service Fee Includes

  • Shopping, preparation, cleaning and packaging of meals
  • 8 dishes (4 proteins, 4 sides)
  • A dish consists of a protein, a vegetable, a salad, a soup, a grain, or a baked good.
  • Reheating Instructions
  • Meal proposal delivered 1 week before visit

*Groceries are included at an additional cost

To request a consultation for the weekly service, please fill out the Submission Form